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sheffield-hallam Independent review of the WY-FI Project

CRESR December 2016 Briefing Paper: MARB Research and Beneficiary Research

This independent review of the WY-FI project summarises an analysis into the operation and effectiveness of the Multi-Agency Review Boards (MARBs) and an in-depth study of the experiences and views of WY-FI beneficiaries.

MARBs are seen as playing a pivotal role in improving the co-ordination of multiple service providers and ensuring services are delivered to clients in a  personalised and flexible way.

Beneficiaries report that navigation fills an important gap in local service provision. All beneficiaries felt that their lives had improved, sometimes significantly, since working with WY-FI. The process of change was largely ascribed to the navigation process.  More than one beneficiary reported that without such support the consequences might have been devastating.

“I have a problem with trusting people.  I trust [navigator].  Means I can go into meetings and appointments with someone I trust and have them on my side and help me get my words out and my point of view across…I don’t tend to say the right thing or mean it as it comes out”. Read the full report

wy-fi-alone-rgb-200dpi-hi-resWY-FI in numbers: 27 months on…

Key facts and figures from the project are summarised in this handy two-page document. Did you know?

  • 97% of WY-FI beneficiaries with re-offending behaviour experience addiction
  • 65% of WY-FI beneficiaries are male, 35% female
  • 50 Experts have contributed 142 working days to the WY-FI Project


WY-FI Position Paper 2016

This Paper aims to set out the evidence and experience generated in the first 27 months of operation of the WY-FI Project. It draws on the Annual Report submitted to the Big Lottery Fund in June 2016, the Annual Review prepared by CRESR as part of their external evaluation of WY-FI as well as data drawn from the management information system (MIS) and discussion with project staff.

sheffield-hallamLocal evaluation 2016

CRESR local evaluation of the WY-FI Project 2016

The Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR), the local evaluation team of the WY-FI Project, have published their yearly report for 2016 which evaluates the process and impact methods and summarises the key findings of the ongoing evaluation of the project. It covers:

  • MARBs
  • Navigator practice
  • Housing for people with multiple needs
  • Analysis of the client management information system, and
  • Average chaos index scores

Read the full report or Read the 2 page executive summary

wy-fi-alone-rgb-200dpi-hi-resFrom Theory to Practice

An overview of the WY-FI Project and our learning after 22 months

From Theory to Practice gives a useful overview of the WY-FI project’s vision, ethos, what we do and how we work. Here, we share some of our learning based on the first 22 months of the WY-FI project in operation. 

Key findings include:

  • By 29 February 2016, over 75% of WY-FI beneficiaries completing two or more Chaos Index assessments showed improved scores
  • By 29 February 2016, over 90% of WY-FI beneficiaries who completed two or more Housing Outcomes Stars showed improved scores
  • The Multi-Agency Review Board (MARB) plays a pivotal role in facilitating multi-agency case conferencing, improving co-ordination of multiple service providers and ensuring services are delivered to clients in a personalised and flexible fashion

Published April 2016 Read more

CFE logoNational evaluation 2016

National evaluation of the Fulfilling Lives Programme 2016

CFE Research and the University of Sheffield, the national evaluators of the Fulfilling Lives Programme – Supporting People with Multiple Needs, have published their yearly report for 2016 which evaluates the support delivered and the impact of the 12 Fulfilling Lives projects across England.

Key findings include:

  • Beneficiaries’ Outcome Star scores are showing clear improvement following support from the Fulfilling Lives programme
  • Not having a restricted timeframe gives the time needed to build trust….which in turn is essential for encouraging engagement
  • Staff with lived experience of multiple needs often form relationships with beneficiaries more quickly and model the possibility of success.

Published May 2016 Read full report or Read summary report

sheffield-hallamNavigator practice in the WY-FI Project

A briefing paper by the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research

The Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) have published their briefing paper on Navigator Practice in the WY-FI project. There are eight key findings which include:

  • the scale of the task facing Navigators
  • the importance of getting first conversations right with beneficiaries
  • the work of Navigators being emotionally draining

Published April 2016 Read more

wy-fi-alone-rgb-200dpi-hi-resWY-FI Theory of change

WY-FI’s vision is that by 2020 adults with complex needs in West Yorkshire should have the opportunity of a settled home, positive health and wellbeing, access to education and employment and trust in a positive future.

Our approach is based on 3 key elements:

  • Leadership and Governance – how we direct, reflect and inform what the WY-FI Project does
  • Evidence – what we do/learn
  • Influence – how we use what we learn to influence partners and others providing services to people with multiple needs

Our approach to the achievement of the vision underpins the WY-FI Theory of Change to support the realisation of improved individual outcomes through a changed system which ensures people with complex needs receive effective support from accessible and coordinated services. Published February 2016 Read more

sheffield-hallamBriefing paper: multi-agency review boards

Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research

CRESR, the WY-FI Project’s local evaluation team, have produced an interim briefing paper detailing how the Multi-Agency Review Boards (MARBs) are working across the five Local Authority areas. Published December 2015 Read more

wy-fi-alone-rgb-200dpi-hi-resWY-FI Project 18 month review

A review of progress, learning and reach

The WY-FI Project has submitted its 18 month report to the Big Lottery Fund. It summarises the main activities to date and the attached appendices provide more detail. Published December 2015 Read more Appendices

wy-fi-alone-rgb-200dpi-hi-resWY-FI Year One Report

Progress report and key learning from year one

This report summarises the key achievements, progress and learning from the first year of operation. We reflect on beneficiary engagement, staffing, mental health, commissioning, geography, system change and multi-agency working. Published July 2015 Read more Read report appendices

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