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WY-FI Annual Learning Event 2017

From short changed to system change

Thursday 27 April 2017 9:00 – 15:00

The WY-FI Project supports people with multiple needs across West Yorkshire. We gather evidence about what works and what doesn’t work in order to influence system change.

We heard from a range of informative and energetic speakers who gave information and insights into both the local and national perspectives of supporting people with multiple needs.

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Dr Richard Crisp, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU)

Dr Richard CrispRichard gave an overview of the findings from CRESR’s evaluation of the project including – an update on Multi-Agency Review Boards, the work of navigators, the beneficiary experience and the impact of peer mentors.

The feedback about the Project has been “overwhelmingly positive” and there were few recommendations from beneficiaries about what could be improved.

Download Dr Richard Crisp’s powerpoint presentation – MARBs, mentors and beneficiaries: what have we learnt so far?

Read CRESR’s independent review of the project

Dr Mark Crowe, Research and Evaluation Co-ordinator, WY-FI Project

Dr Mark CroweNow that the WY-FI Project has a robust data set for 500+ people with multiple needs in West Yorkshire, we can start to analyse, understand and learn from the data. Here are some highlights from Mark’s presentation:

  • there are variations across the wide range of BME communities in how people experience multiple needs
  • for women with multiple needs, a good transition from custody to community is critical in breaking the re-offending cycle
  • the £46 grant received upon discharge from prison is inadequate
  • the support available upon release from prison can feel overwhelming – Navigators provide the essential support for people with multiple needs in accessing the right services
  • the Peer Research carried out annually by WY-FI is an indicator of how things are on the streets and is valuable for monitoring trends
  • housing is becoming more problematic

Download Dr Mark Crowe’s powerpoint presentation – WY-FI Research and Evaluation

Hannah Anderson, Deputy Head of Practice, Collaborate CIC
Hannah Anderson 3Hannah gave a national perspective on system change and talked about the connection between place and the social issues we face.
Read the report ‘Building Collaborative Places’
Download Hannah Anderson’s powerpoint presentation – A National Perspective on System Change
Laura Furness, Head of Funding (Investment) at the Big Lottery Fund

“We’re not changing systems to change systems, we’re changing systems to stop people from dying.”

Laura gave:

  • an overview of the Fulfilling Lives Programme expectations on system change and successes of the projects so far
    • the bottom line is that co-production must happen and is non-negotiable
    • so far, we have reduced risk for 2,330 people with multiple needs across all 12 Fulfilling Lives projects
  • and spoke about how the Big Lottery Fund plans to ensure the sustainability of the system change work

Download Laura Furness’ powerpoint presentation – Overview of the Fulfilling Lives System Change Successes

Alison Lowe, CEO, Touchstone

Alison LoweAlison talked about the WY-FI System Change Action Network (SCAN) and local system change, drawing on her experience of local system change in New Wortley

Download Alison Lowe’s powerpoint presentation – From Short Changed to System Change: System Change is a Journey

Prison Leavers and Desistance facilitated by Sarah Joseph, Sociology Student at the University of Leeds

Sarah Joseph presentingSarah Joseph (University of Leeds) has been working with WY-FI through the Leeds Urban Impact Programme. She has undertaken research and analysis into the experiences of male prison leavers with multiple needs on their transition from HMP Leeds to the community.
Download Sarah Joseph’s powerpoint presentation – Experiences of male prison leavers with multiple needs
Making the Financial Case for Navigators facilitated by Ian Wilson, Senior Research Fellow at CRESR, Sheffield Hallam University
Ian Wilson has been leading the impact aspect of the external evaluation of WY-FI and talked about the method of calculating savings to the public purse and the findings in the case of WY-FI so far.
Download Ian Wilson’s powerpoint presentation – Making the Financial Case for Navigators

Learning for Recovery facilitated by Jennie McCreight, Education, Training and Employment Co-ordinator, WY-FI Project
In this workshop the WY-FI Education, Training & Employment team and peer mentors explored the symbiotic relationship between the adult learning environment and recovery/rehabilitation. Workshop participants:

  • Considered how the  WY-FI Peer Mentor training course has evolved into a pathway that supports and sustains adult learners with complex needs
  • Examined peer support and the role of the tutor/support worker
  • Looked at the challenges of enabling adult learners with multiple needs to complete accredited courses
  • Explored the journey of self-development through learning,  and
  • Questioned “How is adult learning beneficial to people recovering or in rehabilitation from experiencing homelessness, addiction, re-offending and/or mental ill health?”
Are BME communities ‘hard to reach’ or are services ‘difficult to access? co-facilitated by Fidelis Chebe, BME Engagement Worker, WY-FI Project and a WY-FI BME Champion with lived experience of multiple needs
The workshop explored these perspectives and experiences in relation to BME engagement. Drawing from lessons learned through working with black minority ethnic communities on the WY-FI project, the workshop highlighted good practice and offered practical tools for engaging and enabling access to services for BME communities.
Co-producing employment pathways for people with multiple needs facilitated by the WY-FI Network

In this workshop, participants looked at how the WY-FI Network worked with Partners of the WY-FI Project to co-produce a protocol to improve the employment journey for people with multiple and complex needs. We discussed the challenges, achievements and future goals of the WY-FI Network in relation to employment for people with multiple needs. The workshop concluded with an interactive session and feedback from the participants.

Co-production Workshop facilitated in partnership by Scott Cunningham (independent facilitator and co-production champion and Craig Sibson, WY-FI Navigator and former peer mentor
Craig Sibson & Scott Cunningham the four principles
Participants explored the four core principles of co-production, how WY-FI’s work illustrates each of them and what we have learned about co-production through working with people living on the extreme margins. What makes our approach different and what difference does it make? Does co-production have a limit?

Download workshop powerpoint presentation

Films from the Day

Participants Learning
You can watch a short video here highlighting what participants learnt from the event and how this will change their practices.

Keynote Speakers
Click here to watch a video featuring highlights from the presentations of our six keynote speakers (above).

Performances by ‘Life Experience’
The Life Experience group, which is made up of people with lived experience of multiple needs, performed two spoken word pieces for the event. The first was on the use of Spice in prison, and the second was about someone’s experience of self-harm. It was a very popular part of the day, and you can see the performances here.

Event feedback
“The whole day was produced in collaboration with service users and this was a great example of good practice. The different speakers provided information about achieving effective work and outcomes. The event was also attended by a large range of agencies from across West Yorkshire so it meant I could learn more about the support available to people and network with representatives from the agencies.”

“It was such a great event. I came out more motivated.”

“I found the speakers very engaging, they were knowledgeable and really upbeat – made the day.”

“Excellent presentation from Scott, he really made the event for me. Very well delivered and interesting. Inspiring.”

“Excellent drama presentation. They should visit every school in Leeds! Very well delivered.”

You can download a participants list here.


Sandwishes.JPGThank you to St Vincent’s for supplying a delicious lunch which kept us going throughout the day.



WYFI 1 Short Changed


And thank you to Tom Bailey for the superb artwork capturing the day.




And finally thank you to all our presenters and delegates for making it such an engaged, enjoyable and productive event.