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We know that loads of our beneficiaries and network members love photography. From a group of a few people that started meeting in Dewsbury, we’ve grown a pop-up photography and poetry exhibition that’s travelled from Dewsbury, to Halifax and Bradford!

Finding new and creative ways to express ourselves – our thoughts, feelings and emotions – can be really good for our wellbeing, It also helps us to connect with others who are doing the same.

If you’re interested in trying out photography and developing your photography skills, here are some ideas to get you started – that you can have a go at from home!

Photography hint and tips

  • Choose a colourful object to photograph, and set it against a blank, or dark background for maximum effect.
  • Turn your phone sideways, or on an angle, to create an optical illusion. Stairs or gates are good subjects for this.
  • Use natural sunlight to light up an object. If you have any plants or herbs growing in the house, try and capture them with the light behind them.
  • Photograph shadows and silhouettes. Cast shadows of people or objects on walls or windows.
  • Most importantly, have fun with your photography! Just see what works for you.

If you can, why not send us your photos so that we can add them to our online gallery.

If you’re going to send your photo by text, it’s best to check first whether picture messages are included in your plan, or if there’s a charge for sending them. If you want to email them, best to try and do it whilst you’ve got a WY-FI connection.

Email them to: TBC
Text them to: TBC