WY-FI Project

West Yorkshire – Finding Independence | Supporting people with multiple needs

Our legacy – sustaining what works

West Yorkshire – Finding Independence (WY-FI) supports people experiencing multiple needs. The six year project was set up to support adults in West Yorkshire facing multiple disadvantage and experiencing entrenched needs in at least three of the following HARM areas:

  • Homelessness
  • Addiction
  • Re-offending
  • Mental ill-health

We’ve created a series of briefings to demonstrate the learning and successes of WY-FI since its inception in May 2014.

Briefing: Multiple Needs – Sustaining What Works
An overview of how the WY-FI Project supports people with multiple needs – what we’ve learnt works and how these ways of working could be sustained. Read/download.

Briefing: WY-FI evidence and outcomes
Following 5 years of supporting people with multiple needs in West Yorkshire, we share the demographics of WY-FI beneficiaries, exclusion from services, the factors leading to positive outcomes, journey length and the progress made. Download briefing

Briefing: Impact on homelessness services
This briefing gives an overview of homelessness in West Yorkshire, the shift to the Core Homelessness definition, the current policy context, what the statistics tell us about WY-FI beneficiaries’ experience of homelessness, how homelessness relates to their other needs and what progress beneficiaries make when supported by the WY-FI Project. Download briefing

Briefing: Impact on addiction support services
In this briefing, we look at the scale of the problem in West Yorkshire, the impact on hospital admissions and A&E use, WY-FI beneficiaries’ experiences of addiction/substance misuse and how WY-FI support improves beneficiary outcomes. Download briefing

Briefing: Impact on re-offending
As well as an overview of re-offending in West Yorkshire, in this briefing we also share the aims of the West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner, re-offending amongst WY-FI beneficiaries, the progress that WY-FI beneficiaries make with WY-FI support and a prediction of the consequent cost savings. Download briefing

Briefing: Impact on mental health services
Here we look at the prevalence of long-term mental ill health across the five local authorities in West Yorkshire, experiences of accessing mental health services, what this means for WY-FI beneficiaries, how mental ill health relates to other complex needs, the progress made by WY-FI beneficiaries and the Calderdale pilot project. Download briefing

Briefing: Impact on emergency service use
WY-FI research shows that WY-FI beneficiaries exit the programme with reduced service use across ‘blue light’ services, i.e. police arrests and presenting at A&E. This briefing shows the subsequent cost savings to the NHS, criminal justice system, housing providers and local authorities. Download briefing

Briefing: Future Demand for multiple disadvantage services
People with multiple needs will require support beyond the end of the WY-FI Project. Here we consider the number of people likely to need support based on WY-FI evidence, the level of exclusion from services experienced by people with multiple needs without support, the root causes of multiple disadvantage, the impact on the next generation and the need for early intervention following crisis or trauma. Download briefing

We’ve been focussing on three system change priorities…

  • The WY-FI Multiple Needs Navigator Model
  • Multi-Agency Review Boards
  • Co-Production

The WY-FI Multiple Needs Navigator Model
Multiple Needs Navigators work intensively with low caseloads, building trusted relationships and co-ordinating person-centered support.

Multi-Agency Review Boards
Joint working between services and agencies.
Read/download the latest briefing document

A network of people with lived experience – influencing and embedding co-production in services.
Read/download the latest briefing document
Co-production in the WY-FI programme: activities, experiences and outcomes Download the report by CRESR at Sheffield Hallam University

West Yorkshire Criminal Justice Network
The West Yorkshire Criminal Justice Network provides opportunities for agencies and organisations from across the criminal justice sector to connect on a regular basis. This multi-agency network has led to the establishment of new and improved ways of working.
Read/download the briefing document