WY-FI Project

West Yorkshire – Finding Independence | Supporting people with multiple needs


Below you will find a selection of stories from beneficiaries following their journeys with the WY-FI Project.


Jason thumbnail“When I first started with WYFI, I was living in a hostel in Bradford where drug use was rife, myself included. I was barred from all drug services and had to have police attend my appointments with me….” Read more




daniel-thumbnailDaniel’s story shows how crucial it is to take the time to build a solid and trusting relationship with a beneficiary and how getting to know their interests and hobbies can be one of the keys to success. Read more

“I was in a really dark place and terrified. The support I’ve received from Jamie and James has been phenomenal. The WY-FI Project has given me my life back.” Daniel



Stephanie thumbnail

Stephanie’s story shows just how easy it can be to slide into a life of chaos. She started drinking to ease the pain of the sudden death of her Mum. Her story also raises the question about whether her addiction, homelessness and her conviction for drink driving could have been avoided if she had received bereavement support at the time. Read more

“What happened to me could happen to anyone. But if I can find a way out of the trap, so can you.” Stephanie