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Podcast Library

Welcome to the Podcast Library – a collection of previous episodes of our podcast series ‘Multiple Voices: Multiple Needs’.

Podcast 6 – Surviving in a Revolving Door

Mark, Eve and Mez chat about the creation of the second report of WY-FI Year 7, ‘Surviving in a Revolving Door’. They also chat about the key findings and recommendations included in the report.

Podcast 5 – Keeping a Face for the World

Mark, Eve, Mez and Simon get together to record a discussion about the first report of WY-FI Year 7, called, ‘Keeping a Face for the World’.

Podcast 4 – #seethefullpicture campaign

In our fourth podcast, we join Sarah Stead, WY-FI’s Media & Communications Officer to find out about the #seethefullpicture campaign.

The campaign is petitioning for change so that everyone has access to mental heath support, including people who are experiencing substance misuse issues.

Podcast 3 – New data dashboard

In our third podcast, we’re joined by the Research & Evaluation Team to talk about the new data dashboard they’ve created – which provides quick and easy access to a range of beneficiary and locality data from across West Yorkshire.

Podcast 2 – Multi-Agency Working

Our second podcast is led by Roger Abbott, WY-FI’s Workforce Development & Learning Co-ordinator. Roger is joined by three of our lead Multiple Need Navigators: Nic (Leeds), John (Bradford) and Mel (Wakefield), to talk about the successes and challenges of multi-agency working.

Podcast 1 – A General Overview of WY-FI

In this first podcast, Programme Manager Sue Northcott is joined by members of the WY-FI Team to give an overview of the project. And special guest Peter Dobson tells us a bit more about the Fulfilling Lives Programme that we’re proud to be part of.