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Name Description
Multiple Needs: Time for Political Leadership

MEAM policy asks to Government

The Making Every Adult Matter coalition has published Multiple Needs: Time for Political Leadership, a new publication setting out the scale of the challenge, and the action that government must take in response to multiple needs. Members of the WY-FI network and staff participated in the consultation for these policy asks.

This document brings together interviews with a Navigator, a Peer Mentor and the Team Leader in the Leeds WY-FI team and discusses how complex needs are worked with and managed by the team.

Members from the WY-FI Network collaborated with the University of Sheffield and the Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) coalition on research for a policy briefing which has been circulated to all major political parties. The briefing entitled ‘Going Further Back: Earlier action on multiple needs to prevent homelessness’ reflects on the rise of homelessness nationally over the last five years. The report recommends a co-ordinated approach to prevention and suggests how local and national policy can support this by focussing on opportunities for early intervention. It argues that services should be designed to respond to trauma and emphasises the importance of building trusting relationships.
This report highlights common themes in research into recovery from mental illness, recovery from substance misuse, and desistance from crime, based on the literature in three different disciplinary fields. Because many people experience multiple and complex needs, it is important to understand the cross-cutting themes as well as the distinctive areas. This review finds important lessons for policy and service delivery. Published November 2015
The findings from Revolving Doors research with a group of people who have faced multiple and complex needs, asking them about their hopes and aspirations and what their good life would look like. Published 2015

In order to gain an improved and more comprehensive understanding of multiple needs among prison leavers, women and individuals from BME communities, research has been carried out by the Specialist Services in each field. The research has produced a number of overarching themes and commonalities and the full Action Learning Research Summary can be accessed here. Published October 2015

LankellyChase Foundation has released the most robust research to date on severe and multiple disadvantage In England. The report draws together previously separate datasets from homelessness, offending and substance misuse treatment systems. It also takes into account available data around mental health and poverty. It delivers statistics on people facing severe and multiple disadvantage: where they live, what their lives are like, how effectively they are supported by services and the economic implications of the disadvantages they face. Published 2015

Solutions from the frontline shows that people experiencing a combination of homelessness, substance misuse, offending and mental health problems are not getting the support they need because policymakers are not consistently listening to them or the practitioners that support them. This report is based on the ideas and experiences of people with multiple needs. It sets out how the new Government, national and local policymakers and commissioners, can reduce stigma, improve services and support people to achieve their ambitions. Published June 2015

Making the difference, five years at a time sets out Homeless Link’s five year strategy to end homelessness in England