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Complex Needs Training Suite

The Complex Needs Training Suite – What is it?

This suite of courses will be delivered by Community Links Training and Clare Jones at the WY-FI Hub in Leeds. This is an opportunity for a group of front facing staff from across West Yorkshire to experience a cohesive training package containing key principles and learning which both the National Fulfilling Lives programme and MEAM have established are fundamental to working with multiple disadvantage. Also, the programme of training will be evaluated to measure the impact this training has on the participants’ practice and their clients’ experience of services. This is the second year that WY-FI is running this training. An impact evaluation report of the previous year’s training suite is available here.

All participants will complete an introductory course over two days which will consist of the following elements:

  • Psychologically Informed Environments
  • Personality Disorders and Complex Trauma
  • Risk Enablement
  • Working with Challenging Behaviour

The participants will each then complete 4 further days training:

  • Understanding Personality and Personality Disorders
  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • Working with Complex Trauma (Level 2)
  • Understanding Multiple Needs as Experienced by Women

Who can do the training?

The training is not open for general booking. Please do not contact WY-FI and ask for a place.

Training will be provided to a cohort of 32 people (divided into 2 groups of 16). These will be selected following expressions of interest. The selection will ensure that the training is delivered to those staff who work closely and spend significant time with people experiencing multiple disadvantage.

When is the training happening?

The training will run on the following dates:

Course   Group 1 Group 2
Introduction to Working with Complex Needs (2 days) 17th & 18th* October 2019 31st October & 1st November 2019
Understanding Personality and Personality Disorders 20th November 2019 26th November 2019
Trauma Informed Practice 22nd January 2020 28th January 2020
Working with Complex Trauma (Level 2) 19th February 2020* 25th February 2020*
Understanding Multiple Needs as Experienced by Women 11th March 2020 23rd March 2020

Where is it happening?

All training will take place at WY-FI’s premises in central Leeds except (*) which will run at Community Links Training Centre. The full addresses for each are as follows:

WY-FI Community Links Training Centre
45A Park Square East Oakwood Grange Lane
Leeds Oakwood
LS1 2NP Leeds

Training summaries, aims and objectives

For a full list of all the Complex Needs training courses, including course summaries, aims and objectives, click here.