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Name Description
Name Description
Focus on co-production in commissioning
In 2017, the WY-FI Project and North of England Commissioning Support at NHS England were awarded the GO Procurement Innovation Award for co-produced commissioning of healthcare services in four adult prisons. It was a high profile, high risk project with a £20million budget. Read more about the keys to success, the challenges and the huge benefits of involving people with lived experience in the procurement process. #systemchange #bestpractice
Handout explaining what co-production is and how organisations can move towards embedding it
Last year our new team of Co-production Champions shared their experiences of their first week working in WY-FI after being successfully appointed from the peer mentor cohort. The Champions have now put together a reflective report about the last four months in their roles.
This case study shows how the WY-FI Project worked with NHS England to embed patient voice into the NHS commissioning process for healthcare in a high security prison, two adult male prisons and two female prisons.