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Complex Needs – a worker’s view

This document brings together interviews with a Navigator, a Peer Mentor and the Team Leader in the Leeds WY-FI team and discusses how complex needs are worked with and managed by the team.

Download the full document here

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“It’s always useful to find out what other services are doing and who they’re linking up with – we all share our contacts and knowledge.”

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A Poem For a Navigator

A beneficiary from the Kirklees team wrote the following poem about Roxanne, WY-FI Navigator. The poem relates to Roxanne’s recent fundraising challenges for the Mission in Huddersfield.


There’s no messing about, you get the job done
It’s amazing you climbed the Three Peaks for charity I know you had fun

You take on the world, sun, rain or fog
Only one thing can distract you and that’s somebody’s dog

People like you Roxanne are really hard to find
Thoughtful and caring you are very kind

All your work is done with maximum effect
I’ve got so much appreciation for you with the utmost respect

I have made you frustrated but never intended to
You care about my life and the situations I go through

If I can’t do it then I know you can
Thankful for all you’ve done for me, I mean that Roxanne