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Complex Needs – a worker’s view

This document brings together interviews with a Navigator, a Peer Mentor and the Team Leader in the Leeds WY-FI team and discusses how complex needs are worked with and managed by the team.

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“It’s always useful to find out what other services are doing and who they’re linking up with – we all share our contacts and knowledge.”

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Where do you reside?

Alone in the crowd with drink for company.
Friends been drowning in the bottle battling insanity.
Suicidal ideation failing to see the point of it all.
Doing all I can but feeling the impact is quite small.
Still breathing today, left at hospital getting help.
So many emotions swirling causing us to yelp.

It’s a battle just being. Sometimes too much to bear.
Losing point of it all & sight of those who care.
What to share?
How can we together repair?
Life can be really hard & certainly isn’t fair.
So many things scare & exhaust & excite & divide.
Fraction of self exposed with SO MUCH left inside.
Desire to run & hide.
In who can we confide?
So many rules to engagement by which it’s difficult to abide.
Home is where the heart is but where do you reside?
Life’s about the journey some have a VERY bumpy ride.

By Ad Verse

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“I was in a really dark place and terrified. The support I’ve received from Jamie and James has been phenomenal. The WY-FI Project has given me my life back.” Daniel