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Five experiences…four months on

Last year our new team of Co-production Champions shared their experiences of their first week working in WY-FI after being successfully appointed from the peer mentor cohort.

Embedding this paid progression route for peer mentors has been among the most significant developments at WY-FI in Autumn 2017. Following their induction in August, five Co-production Champions began working in earnest during September, engaging people in the WY-FI Network and building trust through participation in meaningful activities.

The Champions have now put together a report about the last four months in their roles.

Within the report the Champions discuss early positive outcomes and challenges, personal and professional development, differences from initial expectations, future plans and co-production in general.

Thumbnail of report - click for full report

“During my first four months as a co-production worker, no two days have been the same, although during my year as a peer mentor I’d already learned some techniques and approaches that stood me in good stead. I had also developed a supportive relationship with many of the beneficiaries and the navigators who were extremely supportive”

 Download the full report here

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Value of interview training

Rob, previous Peer Mentor, talks about the value of interview training and how it helped him gain paid employment.

While on my placement at WY-FI Kirklees I was given the opportunity to do some interview training to prepare me for sitting on interview panels if selected. In the training I was taught what I would need to know, look and listen for when interviewing.
I was selected 3 times to do shortlisting and interviews and each time I got a lot out of the experience and was payed for my time and made to feel valued and my thoughts and suggestions was taken into consideration.

From doing the shortlisting it gave me lots of confidence when it came to writing job applications knowing how to make them easy to read and knowing to keep to the essentials and not go off course.

Sitting on the interview panels let me see what it felt like on the other side of the table and see what the interviewers like to see I.e eye contact, smiling, confidence and being prepared etc.

Since the short listings and interview panels I applied for a job and was successful in getting it. The feedback for my application and interview was really good and I’m sure that if I had not taken the opportunity to do the training, interviews and shortlisting, the feedback would not have been as good and I wouldn’t have got the job.