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#seethefullpicture campaign launches

WY-FI is helping to launch the first ever multiple disadvantage campaign today, with a very simple message – #seethefullpicture.

The campaign aims to reduce stigma, by increasing awareness and understanding of multiple disadvantage amongst the general public, educating people as to why a person may experience these needs.

The campaign’s been created by all 12 of the National Lottery Community Fund’s Fulfilling Lives projects – including WY-FI (West Yorkshire – Finding Independence).
The campaign will build up to a dedicated awareness day – Multiple Disadvantage Day – on 3rd July 2019. There’ll be true stories from each project, a stream of social media content and invitations to local events taking place up and down the country.

Sarah Stead from the WY-FI Project has been leading on WY-FI’s involvement in the campaign. She says, “the campaign has been designed to get everyone ready for the country’s first ever Multiple Disadvantage Day on 3rd July.

Multiple Disadvantage Day 3rd July

Multiple Disadvantage Day 3 July

“There’ll be live events taking place up and down the country and we want to start lots of conversations on social media. We’re also hoping for plenty of local, regional and national media coverage!”

Visit the dedicated Multiple Disadvantage website www.multipledisadvantageday.org to find out how you can get involved.

“There are loads of resources on the website,” adds Sarah. “Maybe you could print out and display a few posters, or invite your colleagues, friends and family to your local event.

“You can also support the campaign using your own personal social media accounts. Look out for #seethefullpicture and add to the conversation with your thoughts and experiences.

More about the campaign
The campaign has been developed and designed by Fulfilling Lives Programme staff and volunteers, Expert Citizens, The National Lottery Community Fund, and Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM).

The campaign will focus on true stories from all 12 of the National Lottery Community Fund’s Fulfilling Lives projects – including WY-FI (West Yorkshire – Finding Independence).

WY-FI partners with The University of Leeds to produce research-based drama

University-of-Leeds_drama-production_group.jpgWe’ve been working with The University Of Leeds to help develop ‘Stuart: A Life Cycle’ – a research-based drama about the criminal justice system.

We took a group of volunteers and beneficiaries to watch the live performance -which was produced by a group of theatre and performance students at The University of Leeds, who worked with Ally Walsh from the School of Performance and Cultural Industries.

The performance considers Stuart’s story – childhood, influences and the difficulties of desisting from crime when addiction is involved, and invite the audience to discuss the performance afterwards in a Q&A session.

The University of Leeds has been working with partners in the criminal justice sector. WY-FI is one of the lead partners. Other lead partners are Life Experience, Leeds Magistrate’s Court and the probation service.

WY-FI beneficiaries spend a day on the canal

A group of WY-FI beneficiaries recently spent a day on a canal barge in West Yorkshire.

After being shown how to operate the barge and the waterways, the group sailed from Hebden Bridge to Luddenfoot and back again, covering seven miles of waterway and five locks.

Sharon Booth, WY-FI Administrator in Calderdale said, “it was an amazing team building experience for everyone. Some of our beneficiaries had never been on a barge before either, so it was a completely new experience for them.

“Everyone had their roles: sailors; navigators; and lock operators, and we all worked together and supported each other”.

Sharon added, “we’ve created memories for our beneficiaries that will last a lifetime”.

WY-FI understands the value of meaningful activities. WY-FI Navigators take the time to really get to know beneficiaries and help them identify new, more meaningful ways to spend their time. Re-building a life with meaning is key to recovering from the impacts of Homelessness, Addiction, Re-offending and Mental Health.