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West Yorkshire – Finding Independence | Supporting people with multiple needs

Ellen’s story


Ellen described herself as broken when she came to WY-FI. She found it difficult to trust people and struggled to let people into her flat.

With WY-FI’s support, Ellen started to engage with Forward Leeds. She’s now clean from illegal drugs and stable on a script. Ellen is also involved more in meaningful activities and has decorated her flat to make it feel like a home.

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WY-FI Newsletter – September 2018

In September’s newsletter, we look ahead to the Annual Learning Event, which is being held at Leeds Civic Hall on Wednesday 26th September. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, as we’ll be recapping on the event in next month’s newsletter.

Also this month, we meet Brent, a WY-FI beneficiary that we’ve supported to move out of a tent and into stable accommodation. He’s now also in receipt of the benefits he’s entitled to and is in much better health.

Finally, we find out more about meaningful activities and how they can help beneficiaries turn their free time into meaningful time.

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