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WY-FI moves into final year of delivery

West Yorkshire – Finding Independence (WY-FI) has come to the end of its six years of direct support for people experiencing multiple needs.

We’re now in our final year of delivery, with a renewed focus on system change across West Yorkshire to ensure effective multiple needs support.

Since 2014, our Navigator teams have worked with a total of 823 people, helping them to have the opportunity of a settled home, positive health and wellbeing, access to education and employment, and a more fulfilling life.

We’ve also helped more than 80 people into Peer Mentoring and other volunteering placements, and in some case paid employment in WY-FI and beyond.

In our 7th and final year of activity, we’ll be using the learning we’ve gathered over the last six years to continue demonstrating that the Multiple Needs Navigator Model is the most effective way to engage and support people experiencing multiple needs to lead a fulfilling life

Our work will include:

  • Research activity, with a specific focus on women, offenders and young people
  • Embedding trauma-informed and psychological approaches to working with people experiencing multiple needs
  • Marketing and communications activity, in particular addressing the stigma surrounding multiple needs.  
  • Co-production activity- the WY-FI Network of people with lived experience will continue to be involved in local, regional and national networks, consultations and peer research
  • Promote the peer developed MNingful Life training resource
  • Facilitate and effective handover of multi-agency practice development groups

In addition, the ETE team, employed by our delivery partner Touchtone, will continue to provide accredited peer mentor training to increase the number of people with lived experience working in practical roles supporting people with multiple needs.

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