WY-FI Project

West Yorkshire – Finding Independence | Supporting people with multiple needs

Multi-Agency Working improves prison leaver engagement in West Yorkshire.

The West Yorkshire Criminal Justice Network provides opportunities for agencies and organisations from across the criminal justice sector to connect on a regular basis.

It’s improving prison leaver engagement in West Yorkshire. In Leeds, thanks to Prison Release Clinics, oattendance at first treatment appointments on release from prison has increased from 26% to 74%.

The network was established in 2016, by West Yorkshire Finding Independence (WY-FI) and the Integrated Offender Management Team at Humankind, with a focus on people with multiple needs in the areas of homelessness, addiction, reoffending and mental ill-health. 

Today, the network is made up of groups and organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors of West Yorkshire, as well as people with lived experience of the criminal justice sector.

Read the full briefing here.

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