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Therapeutic Sober Living Pilot – Kirklees

Over the last 12 months, The Basement Recovery Project has been developing a pilot therapeutic treatment model for a 24/7, peer-led, sober living house in Kirklees, called Freedom House.
Sober Living

The house is now fully occupied and has delivered some outstanding outcomes. We have achieved our main objective of offering a comprehensive programme of recovery support for individuals (for whom no housing would be a barrier) to continue their recovery journey in their natural community surroundings.

The last 12 months have seen Freedom House offer all of the predicted interventions, plus an assortment of unexpected outcomes.

Read more on the Basement Project website.

More about The Basement Recovery Project (TBRP)

The Basement Recovery Project’s therapeutic community living programme, in conjunction with WY-FI, continues to go from strength to strength, supporting women to achieve and maintain abstinence-based recovery in their own community.

Alongside WY-FI, the previous twelve months have seen TBRP successfully deliver on and complete a 12-month pilot scheme to support the provision of abstinent based therapeutic community living for females in Kirklees.

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