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West Yorkshire – Finding Independence | Supporting people with multiple needs

Impact study of the WY-FI workforce development programme

To date WY-FI’s workforce development programme has focussed on two key elements, a training programme for staff and volunteers in the sector and multi-agency practice development groups (PDGs). The aims of both have been to build a network of contacts and enhance the skills and knowledge of the West Yorkshire workforce in relation to those experiencing multiple disadvantage.

The workforce development programme is intended to improve the outcomes and service experience for people with multiple needs. Additionally, the programme contributes to the long term aim to achieve an improved ‘system’ which is person-centred, strengths based and trauma informed.

The aims of the PDGs have been to:

  • Improve confidence and skills in working with challenging individuals
  • Understand each other’s work
  • Share good practice
  • Support each other to overcome specific difficulties
  • Identify any gaps or barriers in services
  • Improve the service user experience of services

Quick read statistics from the workforce development programme:

  • 222 training places have been taken up to date
  • 73% of those completing the training course evaluations have shared their learning with others
  • 43 Multi-agency PDGs carried out so far…

Quick read feedback from the training courses:

  • It has given me more confidence in my approach
  • It has given me more understanding of the tools used to assess for different mental health conditions
  • Since the training I feel more knowledgeable and more empowered

Read the full Year 4 impact report and Year 5 proposal


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