WY-FI Project

West Yorkshire – Finding Independence | Supporting people with multiple needs

The Co-Production Approach

Co-production is about working together, taking risks together, being responsible together, and solving problems together.

WY-FI is one of 12 Big Lottery- funded projects across the UK, supporting people experiencing multiple and complex needs, and aiming to change ‘the system’ to improve their lives. You can find out more on the Big Lottery Fulfilling Lives web page

A key priority for each project approach is co-production. We work with people who have experience of multiple and complex needs (currently and/or in the past), to co-design services and work together to achieve informed and improved outcomes. You can find out more about our project approach to co-production by reading our Information Sheet

Co-production is about re-balancing the power structure and creating a level playing field. Leaving roles and responsibilities at the door, so that everyone is equal, and every opinion is considered. In applying co-production principles, we recognise each others assets, debate and listen, and problem solve together.

People with lived experience have a wealth of knowledge to offer, both in terms of what does and doesn’t work. Unfortunately, this knowledge is often hidden behind the stigma of addiction, mental ill health and homelessness, meaning crucial insights are missed.

In order to ensure co-production underpins all of our work, we take the following approach:

  • Co-designCo-production
  • Co-decision making
  • Co-delivery of services
  • Co-evaluation of services

For more detailed information, read our co-production information sheet here {Link to co-production sheet as a document upload on each project website}

We will be celebrating #coproweek from 2nd to 6th July. Join in the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. 

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