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Quarterly Big Lottery Fund Report February 2018

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The most recent quarterly Big Lottery Fund report has now been collated and issued. Please click on the relevant links below to download the documents:


Executive Summary
Full report

Appendix 1.1 case study 28.2.18
Appendix 1.2 case study 12.2.18
Appendix 1.3 case study 12.2.18
Appendix 1.4 Commissioner handout
Appendix 2.1 Briefing WY-FI Beneficiary Insight Report Feb 2018
Appendix 2.2 WYFI Closure data Jan 2018
Appendix 2.3 Kirklees WY-FI Freedom House 12 Month FINAL Report
Appendix 2.4 Briefing Housing First WY-FI
Appendix 2.5 Leeds Housing-First-Final-Report-March-2018
Appendix 2.6 Calderdale Insight Healthcare Report 2018Feb
Appendix 2.7 Bradford WYFI Housing Project UpdateFeb 2018
Appendix 3.1 Your recovery journey workshop (31st Jan)
Appendix 3.2 Co-Production Champions – Four Months In
Appendix 3.3 Story of me – with guidance
Appendix 3.4 Meeting Preparation and Debrief Template
Appendix 5.1 TS CASE STUDY YJ
Appendix 5.2 TS CASE STUDY Balancing Placement with Recovery and Commitments JW
Appendix 7.1 WY-FI Risk Register
Appendix 7.2 Progress against outcomes and indicators

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