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Quarterly Big Lottery Fund Report February 2018

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The most recent quarterly Big Lottery Fund report has now been collated and issued. Please click on the relevant links below to download the documents:

Executive Summary
Full report

Appendix 1.1 Positive Partnership Working in Bradford
Appendix 1.2 WY CJN Action Plan
Appendix 2.1 Insight Report year End April 2018
Appendix 2.2 Recovery Journeys write up June 2018 – Neil Broatch
Appendix 2.3 April 2018 Personalisation Narrative
Appendix 2.4 WY-FI Partner Performance Review Year End June 2018
Appendix 2.5 Bradford Housing Review Report
Appendix 2.6 CRESR WY-FI Y4 report framework
Appendix 2.7 WYFI – TBRP Freedom House combined report final 20.04.18
Appendix 5.1 Year 4 – ETE Snapshot
Appendix 7.1 WY-FI Hub Organogram
Appendix 7.2 WY-FI Risk Register
Appendix 7.3 Progress against outcomes and indicators

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