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A poem about WY-FI

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Paul Lockwood, one of our trainee Navigators, has written a poem that does a great job of spelling out how WY-FI works…

When you’re feeling low and there’s no end in sight,
You feel like you’re drowning but try as you might,
Finding your feet it’s a hard thing to do,
In my opinion then WYFI’s for you

We work with people that have multiple needs
You can catch us all over from Huddersfield to Leeds
Finding those that suffer from the areas of HARM
Initially in Chaos but trying to restore calm

We want to make changes so the system doesn’t break
You can help find the flex and give us your take
For now is the time to have your voice heard
Instead of the chaos, you’ll feel free as a bird

Whether you’re passionate about people, or research you’ll see
You can count on WY-FI, as the place to be
For peer mentor courses and learning new skills
In fact they’ll even help you to budget for bills

When I came to the network just two years ago,
You could say I was nervous but it just goes to show
For me it was scary but they made me feel right
In coming to WY-FI, I followed the light.

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