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Going further back to prevent homelessness

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Going further back to prevent homelessness

Members from the WY-FI Network have collaborated with the University of Sheffield and the Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) coalition on research for a policy briefing which has been circulated to all major political parties.

The briefing entitled ‘Going Further Back: Earlier action on multiple needs to prevent homelessness’ reflects on the rise of homelessness nationally over the last five years and recommends approaches for support and prevention. The briefing was launched with WY-FI staff at a high profile event in London chaired by Lord Best.

Joe Alderdice, of WY-FI said: “By doing research in partnership with people who have first-hand experience of multiple disadvantages, I feel we have produced a really compelling case for crisis prevention services and policy makers. People gave us a strong message that trauma in childhood can be a major problem for people when building trust with services later in life. It is clearer than ever that crisis prevention should be well resourced, well-co-ordinated and start not by asking somebody ‘What’s wrong with you?’ but ‘What’s happened to you?’.”

The report recommends a co-ordinated approach to prevention and suggests how local and national policy can support this by focussing on opportunities for early intervention. It argues that services should be designed to respond to trauma and emphasises the importance of building trusting relationships.

Adam Montgomery, from the WY-FI Network, said: “There’s great value in talking to people with lived experience, it helps make research more authentic. Services need to work collaboratively with those affected, to meet their needs sensitively with a trauma informed approach to care”. Read the full report.

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