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What do you want WY-FI’s legacy to be in 2020?

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A poem by Ad Verse

On 22 September 2016, we invited participants of the WY-FI Business Review to describe their vision of WY-FI’s legacy and the barriers to being able to leave that legacy in five words or less. One hour later, Adam – our Ad Verse poet for the day – had written this poem.

Asking for your visions brought ideas a plenty.

No one left outside services and reducing offending.

Barriers broken down and trusting relationship mending.

Creating joined up services with empathy and stability.

Funding, ignorance and inflexibility might hinder progress but we’ll see.

Politics, Brexit, bad service culture and lack of understanding

     could halt progress but positivity and motivation is what we’re demanding.

Co-produced, co-ordinated effective support with heart and soul

Peer led hope and opportunities providing everyone with a role.

Fear and loathing, complacency, reluctance and resistance to change

     can be combatted by never giving up and pride in embracing ‘the strange’.

Services talking to each other, together everyone achieves more.

When handling misinformation and knowledge gaps is training the cure?

Continuing to improve quality of life and expand the organisation.

Listening to beneficiaries and involving The Network in the conversation.

There may be pessimism, hierarchy and people not willing to relinquish power.

But optimism and authentic service user involvement can make the doubters cower.

Continuing achieving with better outcomes and shared care plans.

Overcoming risk aversion and lacking resources by challenging ‘the man’

The establishments established but with co-working change is possible

Allowing all to have their say on matters from the large to the small.

Partnership gaps bridged, trusting relationships enhanced & built

challenging stigma and attitudes allowing prejudice to wilt.

Growing seeds of positive change, watered with determination.

Helping self belief and worth grow by enhancing motivation.

Changing opinions and adapting from a solid evidence base.

There’s been much progress already but many barriers to face.

Will you be a centre of excellence that’s streamlined and accessible?

Will you continue to grow and improve services with empathy for all?

Does more achievement of system change sustain the WYFI vision?

Is an unprecedented wraparound care model your mission?

Do you need to change the ethos of organisations & eligibility criteria?

How will you overcome brainwashing and challenge stigmatizations hysteria?

What about agencies that won’t work together? Will they be left behind?

Do you believe the future is positive despite problems with solutions to find?

Will navigators work with organisations in future to enable everyone to fit?

Rather than people being problems for services isn’t it actually the opposite?

Funding cuts could get in the way and communication might break down

But working together for positive progress smiles can soften the frown.

There’s been much great work already, with success and things to address.

The future will be what you make it. Is it positive? Let’s aim for a yes.

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